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Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars #9814/#7538-Heavy Duty 16 gauge (. 062)

Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars #9814/#7538-Heavy Duty 16 gauge (. 062)
Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars #9814/#7538-Heavy Duty 16 gauge (. 062)

Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars #9814/#7538-Heavy Duty 16 gauge (. 062)
THESE ARE NOT GENUINE WEBER PARTS. When the original set of mild steel bars that came with my grill rusted to dust after two years of use I was so mad at Weber I made up a set of my own bars.

My angles are made to the EXACT same lengths and shape as Weber part #9814/7538. I use the same type 304 stainless that Weber uses(not less expensive stainless such as 400 series). The only difference between these and the Weber parts is that the Weber parts are made of a slightly thinner gauge of material, 18ga. 045, while mine are are made of 16ga. That works out to 29% more material.

This thicker gauge will hold heat better and last even longer than the weber parts. These are not crudely made up in someone's garage. You will be very satisfied with my product. I have used my stainless bars for over 5 years now and they show no signs of corrosion or decay. These will fit the following grills.

Platinum Series I & II. Please note that these sets contain 29% more material than Weber's and therefore weigh 29% more.

So if you are shopping price, please bear this in mind. I have many satisfied customers. If you have this grill, you need these bars!!! BBQ bars better than perfect! Remember I also use type 304 Stainless and not lower quality stainless versions such as 400 series stainless.

400 series is a lower grade magnetic (iron content) stainless used mainly for countertops and other kitchen fixtures. Type 304 is what WEBER uses and is the correct choice for high heat environment and superior corrosion resistance. Oh, and no matter what you may read, Weber only warranties replacement parts, including these bars, for one year. Your best bet is to go with superior quality, mine. If you have ANY questions or doubts please feel free to contact me!

I reply within a couple of hours at the most. Be sure to actually measure your old bars and check them against the size of this set. The length is all you need to know.

This is the best way to avoid errors. Do not rely on the owner's manual, the internet, or your memory. Many customers think they own one model grill when they actually own another. If you are not certain please feel free to ask.

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Weber Stainless Steel Flavorizer Bars #9814/#7538-Heavy Duty 16 gauge (. 062)